Hearing for SB 281

Feb 6th  1pm

Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee room
Miller Senate Building 11 Bladen Street, Annapolis MD
If you are testifying: Please arrive as early as possible to sign in, the committee will take sign ins until about noon.

You will be given 3 minutes to speak. If you are submitting written testimony you must bring a copy for each of the Senators who sit on the committ…ee (11 copies) and submit them to Committee staff before noon so they can make sure all of the Senators have the materials on their desks.

There are various parking garages in Annapolis, or you can park at the Naval Academy Stadium and ride the Annapolis Shuttle/Trolley to Lawyers Mall- The Senate Building is right across the Street.

Be prepared to spend the whole day here, whether you testify or not, what is important is that we are there in numbers to stand in opposition. We need thousands of gun owners.

George Washington and his army marched barefoot in the snow to make a treacherous nighttime crossing of the Frozen Delaware river to Trenton, NJ to launch a surprise attack on the British encampment which eventually turned the tide of the American Revolution, ensuring the birth of the United States- will you give up a day at work to preserve what they fought to leave us?

Lets fight this fight so vigorously in MD that our legislators and the national news cannot ignore us.