Dear supporters and volunteers of Don Dwyer:

Delegate Dwyer is going to be door knocking this Saturday in his home neighborhood of Harundale! If you can help us for a few hours on Saturday morning, from 9:30am to 2:pm (or however long you can stay) we would love to have you.

Door to door Delegate Dwyer style is very easy! We ask only two questions,

1) Can we put a sign in their yard?

2) Would they like to speak with the Delegate, and if they do- we will send him over to talk with them.

If you have not done this before and are hesitant- please know that we can partner you with someone who can take the lead.

Let me know if you can come- wear your Don Dwyer t-shirts and we will meet at Don’s house at 9:30am

Contact me for the location information.

Louisa Baucom phone: 443-386-5191 email

Thanks for your continued interest in the re-election campaign of Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.


Louisa Baucom

Supporters of Don Dwyer