While researching in preparation of my impeachment of Maryland’s Attorney General, I came across an interesting situation. One that has led me to  file an ethics complaint against House Speaker Michael Busch, regarding the appointment of the House Parliamentarian.

 At issue are concerns regarding the House Parliamentarian and the fact the she is a voting member of the majority Party who, when asked questions of procedure, has always ruled in favor of the Speaker and the Democrat Party.

In fact, Maryland is the only legislature in the Nation whose Parliamentarian is a voting member of the body.

In order for the parliamentarian to rule fairly and objectively on a question of procedure, a legitimate parliamentarian is never a voting member of the organization or governing body. House Speaker Busch’s practice of appointing a voting member of the majority Party is a blatent disregard for the minotity Party

I have and will continue to pursue a change of the Parliamentarian prior to the impeachment of March 31st.