I have had a great time campaigning, getting to see people all over our district and meeting new folks has been a really great experience.I am encouraged by the trust that you have given me, I am humbled each and every time I pass a yard with my sign, or see volunteers wearing a Dwyer t- shirt and as always, I am honored to have been given the chance to serve you as your representative in Annapolis. With your help in these last few days,I am confident that I will return to continue being YOUR conservative voice. 

Volunteers are needed to help sign wave at each of the 40 polling locations during the busy hours. I’d like to cover polls from 7-10am and then again from 4-8pm. Volunteers will greet voters and offer Delegate Dwyer’s literature to those ho want it. This is a very effective way to show support and enthusiasm and is a crucial part of the campaign, as many people make up their minds as they walk into the polls.

 All volunteers are invited to come to Beefalo Bob’s on Ft. Smallwood Road where we will watch the returns.

To sign up to help me with poll support, please email Louisa Baucom.

 Email Louisa Now!

I hope that if you can you will give me just a little bit more of your time and support!

Constitutionally Yours,

Don Dwyer

PS! If you have a DWYER yard sign,I would appreciate it if you would take the sign with you when you vote and plant it at the entrance of your polling location.