This year, with the help of my chairman and committee, I was able to pass a VictimsRights bill that establishes the right of a victim’s representative to be notified of and have the opportunity to give an oral or written statement for consideration at the license suspension hearing in the case of a fatal vehicular accident. I consider this to be an important addition in law giving victim’s families the ability to be heard and have a sense of closure when a loved one is killed in an automobile accident.

Other legislation that I introduced:
HB1036 – Property Tax Credit – Property Leased to Non-Profit Schools.
This legislation would have allowed a property owner who leases a building exclusively to a non-profit school to receive a tax credit on that building, thereby precluding the property taxes from being passed on to the school. Unfortunately this bill was killed in committee.

HB 1080 – A.A. County – Drug Free Zones – Recreation Areas
This legislation would have included recreation areas, public parks, and open areas owned or operated by the State or Anne Arundel County as drug free zones. Unfortunately this bill was also killed in committee

HB 1307 – Statewide Definition of a Criminal Gang Member
For the purpose of requiring all law enforcement agencies in the state to define “criminal gang member” as a person who’s membership in a criminal gang is proven by certain criteria; and generally relating to criminal gangs. This was part of a County Delegation effort to address the very serious issue of gangs in Anne Arundel County. Despite a lot of support, this bill was killed in committee.

HB673 – Veterans – Hunting and Fishing – Complimentary Licenses
I was approached by a veteran who asked me to introduce this bill. I felt that it was the least I could do considering the sacrifices of so many who have served in our Nation’s Armed Forces. Surprisingly, this bill was killed in Committee.

HB1078 – Maryland Personhood Amendment
This is the second year that I have introduced this legislation, and I believe very deeply that it is legislation that we must pass in order to protect the unborn. Sadly, the bill did not make it out of committee. If re-elected, I will reintroduce it again next year.

 HB1079– Maryland’s Marriage Protection Act
For the eighth year, I have introduced this legislation to put on the ballot a referendum question of preserving traditional marriage in Maryland. For eight years, the Chairman of Judiciary has not allowed this bill to receive a committee vote.

HB1563 – Maryland’s Health Insurance Freedom Act
I introduced this bill in response to the passage of the Health Care Legislation passed in D.C. which was not supported by the majority of Americans. This bill would have protected a Maryland Citizen’s right to choose to participate in a private health insurance system without interference; and that a penalty tax fee or fine of any type may not be imposed on a person who declines to contract for health insurance coverage, or to participate in a particular health insurance plan. Not surprisingly, this bill did not see the light of day.

The Budget passed with $32 million dollars worth of spending, and a projected deficit next year of $2.2 billion dollars. We have mortgaged our children’s and grandchildren’s future by increasing additional debt and passing pork barrel spending packages without addressing the vital cuts necessary in overall State spending; for this reason I voted against the budget.
One Amendment to the budget bill was proposed by Delegate O’Donnel and which I supported would have removed $200 thousand dollars by removing State funding to CASA an organization whose mission statement is to assist illegals in finding taxpayer subsidized benefits and employment. I supported this amendment, but 89 democrats voted to keep the funding.

Some legislation that I supported passed. We passed Jessicaslaw enhancement which mandates a 15 year mandatory minimum sentence for child rapists.
We passed a GangProsecution Act which would make it easier for law enforcement to prosecute gang members committing violent crimes in our communities. The CivilImmunity bill passed! This bill protects residents from liability in the death or injury of a criminal unlawfully entering their home.

I also supported legislation intending to restore our Constitutional Second Amendment. I co-sponsored Delegate Riley’s CCW- Repealof findings bill and Delegate Smigiel’s Reciprocity bill. These bills did not pass, however, thousands of you called, emailed and showed up in a great show of support.

I am widely known for my conservative stance on issues. When looking at the different proposed legislation I ask myself first: Is this Constitutional? It has been a pleasure serving our community as your representative in Annapolis. I hope that you feel I have served and represented you well. As always, please feel free to contact me at any time, by phone 410-841-3047, or by email