Making the case for impeachment

The other day I happened to see Mr. Eric Hartley, Staff Columnist and Blogger whose articles appear in the Gazette frequently.  Mr. Hartley has had a few field days with me in the recent months, and his commentaries are usually less than complementary. Mr. Hartley’s grasp on the facts of the Constitutional issue at hand is non- existent, and he tries his best to make me look like a “lunatic fringe” element bent on pushing my religion onto everyone in Maryland.

You can read one of his recent articles here.

I introduced myself to him and we were able to have a chat. I invited him to come and see me in my office for a real conversation. Perhaps he will one day take me up on that offer, and better equip himself to write about me, though we will likely still not agree….. or maybe not- should I hold my breath?  It was nice to see the headline below today. Thanks Mr. Hartley, I look forward to our discussion.


Don Dwyer is right

By: Eric Hartley

Posted: April 6, 11:31 am | (permalink) | (2 comments)

I was sitting at the Rockfish restaurant in Annapolis tonight, watching the NCAA men’s basketball championship, when none other than Del. Don Dwyerwalked in to meet some friends. It wasn’t really a surprise to see him there — the Rockfish is a frequent hangout for Republican politicians, as it’s owned by Del. James King, R-Gambrills.

Dwyer, R-Glen Burnie, noticed me, came over and shook my hand. To his credit — considering the things I’ve written about him lately (all of which I stand by) — he was unfailingly courteous and suggested we get together for a chat. We agreed that, while we might not change each other’s minds, it would be good to have a civil talk.

Now comes the part where Dwyer was right. (I’ll bet you were wondering when I’d get to that.)

Not long after underdog Butler’s close loss to the Evil Empire of Duke and its weasel-faced coach, Dwyer walked by me again, said bye and started to walk out of the bar. I called after him that we could surely at least agree we hated Duke.

Dwyer, a Maryland native, smiled and agreed, saying I could write about that. So here you go, Delegate.

As for that whole impeachment thing, well …