I am appalled upon  reading in the Gazette of yet another massive sewage spill from a pumping station. I have long argued that instances such as this along with others reported or unreported spills are the main culprit of the pollution in our waterways. I have been told that the main reason for pollution is animal feces and homeowners who have faulty septic systems.

Thousands of waterfront homeowners are required to comply with numerous stringent regulations regarding the use of their property in the name of protecting the environment. Non- compliance, even inadvertently often results in the homeowner having to pay huge fines or appearance in court. Meanwhile, municipalities whose pumping stations release raw sewage into the rivers and streams are not held responsible.

In response to this latest spill, I have sent a letter to MDE Secretary Wilson to ask that Baltimore County be required to pay the maximum fine allowable by law. I will update when I receive a response.