There is a great cry from many well intentioned citizens to petition to referendum, SB281.  Although well intentioned, this would be the wrong thing to do.

Maryland stands at a crossroads of an epic issue. Will we govern as a Constitutional Republic or simply a hyper-democracy? Unfortunately, the mere act of taking SB281 to referendun would send the wrong message.  It would suggest Constitutional rights are subject to elimination at the whims of a simple majority… and it would fuel the ambitions of democratic majorities to continue their attacks on our freedoms.

We must not and cannot give any semblance of authority to an “unconstitutional act” or “pretended legislation” disguised as “law”.  Taking SB281 to referendum would do exactly  that.

Consider the implication if voters were to  support SB281.  A constitutionally protected right would be forever lost, and by “buying in” to a referendum process, we would be implicitly endorsing and condoning the misconception that our unalienable rights are subject to majority vote.   This is unacceptable, because in a Constitutional Republic, THE MAJORITY HAS NO AUTHORITY TO TAKE AWAY GOD GIVEN CONSTITUIONAL RIGHTS FROM THE MINORITY .

We must never send the message that our God-given constitutional rights are subject to popular vote.

Some may ask, “If not referendum than what?”

We will be holding a series of meetings with distinguished leaders, officials, industry experts, scholars, activists, and constitutional attorneys to propose details of alternate actions designed to (a) restore our Second Amendment Protections; and (b) motivate and organize the sovereigns in Maryland (the people) to reaffirm our government’s commitment to the Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson said. “What county can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance.”

Therefore, we the undersigned will not encourage, promote, or participate in any referendum of  SB281.

Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

Comissioner Richard Rothschild

More to come…..