Friends, I am considering spearheading “Operation DINO” state wide!!! DINO stands for Democrat in name only.

Here’s why: In Maryland, the Democrat primary controls for the most part, the elections in three major jurisdictions. Prince Georges, Montgomery County and Baltimore City. If the gun community alone follows me in this strategic plan, we can have a real effect on the next statewide election. What we have been doing for decades is NOT working. We are losing the war on our Inalienable Rights. It’s time we fight back strategically and quickly to save our State.

I am considering registering Democrat in order that I may lead a legitimate movement ( to VOTE OUT the hard left liberals who are hell bent on taking away our liberties and our Constitutionally protected rights. I will likely make this decision within a few days. If you would like to give me your opinion please visit me on Face Book and respond to my post.

We must do all we can to defend the State & United States Constitutions. I truly fear that we are about to lose yet again more of our constitutionally protected rights here in Maryland.

Maryland politicians have no fear of a few thousand angry and determined Republicans. However, A few thousand angry and determined Democrats can do significant damage to a primary.

For example: Karen Montgomery is a co-sponsor of SB281 that infringes on your right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Sen. Karen Montgomery barely won her primary in 2010 by 116 VOTES!! Can we enlist just 200 DINO’s in District 14 to take her out?

Will you follow me?

For more information go to   To join me change your party affiliation NOW- Voter Registration Online


Operation DINO (Democrat in Name Only)


  • In Maryland the Democrat primary controls for the most part the majority of our elections. If enough people who disagree with the ultra hard left position changes their party affiliation and votes in the primary- we can have a real impact on the next statewide election.
  • Many far left politicians, protected from ever losing their seat in BLUE Maryland, act with impunity and disregard for the Constitution. Example: SB 281/ HB 294 ( for several days thousands of citizens converged on Annapolis to oppose, yet the bills are still being pushed through)
  • Many of those legislators who sponsored and are committed to voting for SB 281 / HB 294 and directly ignoring the voice of their constituents, their oath of office and the US Constitution are in fact, clearly defeat-able in the primary.
  • By using the primary to hold these and any future legislators of the Majority Party RESPONSIBLE, liberty minded citizens of Maryland can effectively bring about CHANGE.

More Examples- 2010 primary results:


Forehand is a SB281 co-sponsor.

Jennie M. Forehand 4129

Cheryl C. Kagan 3773

Margin: 356 votes.

Manno is a SB281 co-sponsor.

Roger P. Manno 5892

Mike Lenett 5020

Margin: 872 votes


Luedtke is a co-sponsor of HB 294

Eric Luedtke 3696

Jodi Finkelstein 3154 – closest challenger

Margin: 542 votes

Kelley is a co-sponsor of HB 294

Ariana Kelly 5129

Kyle Lierman 4773- closest challenger

Margin: 356 votes