Please take some time to check out the new gang initiatives website thanks to Baltimore/Washington High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.

I have participated in Maryland’s Gang Task Force, and sponsored or co-sponsored the following bills from 2007-2010:

1. Consecutive Sentencing – (Co-Sponsored by Dwyer) HB1269: Require that a sentence for participation in a criminal gang be served consecutively to any other criminal sentence. This bill was adopted, but amended to only apply in the event of a murder.

2. Definition of Criminal Gang Member – (Sponsored by Dwyer) HB1307: Require the development of a definition of gang member that is consistent across the State to make it easier for prosecutors to invoke the gang statute.

3. Diminution Credits for Gun Crimes by Gang Members – (Co-Sponsored by Dwyer) HB1229: Prohibit use of diminution credits for gun-related crimes by gang members.

4. Include Misdemeanors as Gang Crimes – (Co-Sponsored by Dwyer) HB1265: Amend existing gang statute definition of “underlying crime” to include misdemeanors, including assault, prostitution, gambling, malicious destruction of property, defacement of property, human trafficking, etc. at reduced sentences (5 years max) versus felonies (10 years max). This was partially adopted.

5. Gang Solicitation – (Co-Sponsored by Dwyer) HB1211: Expand existing statute beyond just “threatening” people to join a gang to include such concepts as entice, induce, cajole, lure, etc.

6. Adult Court – (Co-Sponsored by Dwyer) HB1260: Establish presumption of adult court for 16-year-olds involved in gang crimes.

7. Pretrial Release – (Co-Sponsored by Dwyer) HB1237: Prohibit commissioners from granting pretrial release to repeat offenders involved in gang crimes – only a judge could grant pretrial release.

8. Forfeiture of Property – (Co-Sponsored by Dwyer) HB1181: Piggyback existing drug-crime statute to include gang crimes so that gang members forfeit assets acquired as a result of gang crime.

9. Signal Jamming – (Co-Sponsored by Dwyer) HJ!0: Petition US Congress to adopt legislation to allow the States to block cell phones in correctional facilities.

10. Clarify Definition of Criminal Gang – (Co-Sponsored by Dwyer) HB1259: Remove the word “ongoing” from the current definition of a criminal gang in order to make it easier for prosecutors to invoke the gang statute.