Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Office of the Attorney General
200 St. Paul Place
Baltimore, MD 21202

Dear Attorney General Gansler,

 In light of the most recent Supreme Court decision of MCDONALD ET AL. v. CITY OF CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, ET AL.  No. 08–1521. Argued March 2, 2010—Decided June 28, 2010) regarding the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, I would like to know how the decision effects Maryland’s current policies, procedure and law regarding a Maryland Citizens right to carry a firearm regardless of concealed or open carry.

 More specifically, does this ruling reverse the current Maryland standard of “good and substantial reason” for the issuance of a carry permit?  If not, why not?

 Additionally, will Maryland continue with its practice of placing specific limitations on carry permits such as someone only being permitted to carry to or from work or while carrying large sums of cash?

 As you might expect, I have many constituents who heard about the decision on June 28th. As result there are questions being asked that I am not able to answer.  Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

 Constitutionally yours,

 Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

Anne Arundel County District 31