Moving on – What is next for Delegate Dwyer


Delegate Don Dwyer on the House Floor

Delegate Don Dwyer on the House Floor

After 12 years of fighting in the Legislature to protect and defend the Constitution and the Citizens of Maryland, its now time for me to move on.

If you are visiting my website you might be wondering what’s next for me.  Well. I will continue the fight however, I will continue that fight from outside the legislature.

As result of my time in the Maryland General Assembly, I have come to understand, the only thing that can return us to a Constitutional Republic is for the individual States to take back their Constitutional authority.

The 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution clearly conveys that the States retain the majority of Constitutional power and authority. Unfortunately, the members of the state legislators no longer understand that the States and even the local government has the right, the authority and the duty to Nullify (ignore) federal mandates, laws, policies and executive orders that are unconstitutional.

(Unfair does not mean unconstitutional)

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And the Winner is….(drumroll)

JR Carbine Gun Raffle Drawing on June 24th




20140408_131321-1Thanks so  much to everyone who purchased a shirt or raffle tickets in support of my re-election. I’m pleased to announce that we will be doing the drawing at 3:30pm at Scott’s Gunsmithing on June 24th ( Primary Election day)

You can no longer get raffles online, however you can go to Scott’s and purchase tickets from now until the drawing.

Scotts is located at 231 Thelma Avenue, in Glen Burnie


I hope you will come out to see the drawing- I will have the T- Shirts available as well!





Vote Record 1

Found in the Mail

Its definitely campaign season, I’ve been getting tons of campaign mailers, as I know you have. One did catch my eye, as it contains my voting record on a few pretty important issues.

Vote Record 1

Wastewater overflow prompts closure of two creeks in Arnold area

Yet another wastewater sewage ( RAW SEWAGE) overflow prompting the closure of 2 creeks due to power outage. I have been saying this for years- we can pay any amount of our incomes, up to 100% for every man woman and child to “stormwater runoff” or “chicken tax” or “flush tax” or whatever new way the Legislature proposes to sell you a feel good solution to pollution- until we address the real culprit, the bay and its tributaries will still be polluted!

Wastewater overflow prompts closure of two creeks in Arnold area

-Baltimore Sun (Pamela Wood)

More that 300,000 gallons of sewage spilled from a pumping station in Arnold that lost power this week, Anne Arundel County officials said Wednesday.

The Mill Creek Pumping Station lost power during storms for about two hours beginning about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to the county’s Department of Public Works.

The spill led health officials to close Mill Creek and Dividing Creek on the Magothy River. They said anyone who comes in contact with water from the creeks should wash immediately with soap and warm, clean water. Clothing also should be washed, they said.

Public works officials said the outage knocked out power to the station, and a backup generator failed. A portable generator was brought in to power the pumping station.


Read more: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/anne-arundel/annapolis/bs-md-wastewater-spill-0529-20140528,0,604252.story#ixzz33hDnplu3

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My Legislative Philosophy: What is the purpose of government?

indexThere are some who believe that the purpose of being elected is to pass bills (new Laws). I don’t subscribe to that belief. Every time someone says “there ought to be a law”, it usually translates into a new fee, a new regulation, a new tax, or a new reason to imprison someone. My belief is that laws are to be made only to protect individual liberty, and I have supported, co-sponsored and introduced legislation intended to protect your life, liberty and property and for 12 years the power brokers (otherwise known as the Democrat leadership) in Annapolis have blocked my every step.


Since 2002, I personally introduced 48 bills that did not pass and 112 that passed with my name as a co-sponsor.

I have never felt that it was important to introduce large numbers of legislation, but quality legislation. I have introduced legislation to restore the right to concealed carry, require voter identification, require citizenship to vote, protect property rights, opposing the “death tax”, and right to life legislation. Over the last 2 years, I introduced the Maryland Liberty Preservation act, which simply states that Marylanders are not to be arrested by the Federal Government and detained without due process. Amazingly, this legislation was voted down in committee both times. In 2013 I introduced a bill that would require newly elected legislators to take a short, free course on the meaning of the “Oath of Office” and a Bill of Rights primer.  In the same year I introduced a bill prohibiting the collection of personal information for ammunition purchases and in 2013 and 2014, I introduced the Firearms Freedom Act, prohibiting the enforcement of any unconstitutional federal firearms ban in the State of Maryland.


This past Legislative Session I introduced a bill to allow for the production and sale of hemp, a product used to make cloth, paper, rope, bio-fuel and many other useful  products, as well as the ability of the plant to actually detoxify soil and reduce the need for deforestation. The Democrats, recognizing the economic and ecological benefit of this legislation, introduced their own bill on the day my legislation was heard in committee. Not surprisingly mine was voted down in committee while theirs advanced and passed.


One of the often overlooked successes I have had, is the number of bad bills that my vote helped to kill in the House Judiciary committee between 2003 and 2010. There is no way to know how many bills I assisted in killing but my position was always “The only harmless bill is a dead bill”.  There have been literally thousands of votes that I have cast over the past 12 years that reflected the will of the majority of families living in Pasadena, and remained in keeping with the limitations and restrictions of the US Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Maryland.


There are 6 Republican opponents running in District 31B where Delegate Kipke and I currently represent.  While each has their list of issues that they are promoting, the difference between me and every one of my opponents is that they will tell you what they “will do” for you if elected and I simply say, look at my 12 year voting record on every one of the issues they are running on. 


I have been unable to pass a Bill because I am not willing to be bought, sold, controlled or intimidated by Speaker Busch, nor am I willing to go along to get along. To the contrary I have fought the Speaker relentlessly. The Baltimore Sun considers me the most conservative member of the General Assembly and I believe my voting record clearly reflects that charge. 


I hope you, the voter, will give serious consideration to sending me back to Annapolis to defend your right to life, liberty and property. Don’t forget, the Republican Primary is June 24th and I need your vote.  I have and will continue to defend your inalienable rights. At the same time I have fought to prohibit the state and federal government from violating the limitations of the State and U.S. Constitutions.  I hope that I can count on your vote, it has been an honor to represent the citizens of Pasadena and I welcome the opportunity to continue doing so.


Constitutionally yours

Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.


Military Deuce and 1/2 ready for the Riviera Beach Parade 5/17/14

Military Trucks are always a blast!

It was a gorgeous weekend for parades and I was lucky enough to participate in two!

A very special thanks go out to my friend, Rob Crandall and his family for letting me put my signs on their wonderful historic military vehicles and for spending the weekend with me at the Riviera Beach and Glen Burnie Memorial Day Parades!

Our veterans deserve our recognition for the sacrifices that they and their families have given our country. My Dad, pictured in the truck, was a member of the United States Air Force and is one of those veterans. It was my honor and privilege to attend these parades with my dad and the other veterans along the route. I am proud to have been a 12 year member of the Legislative Veteran’s Caucus and to have supported veterans issues throughout my time of service as a State Delegate. I will continue to do so, if I am re-elected.

A heartfelt thanks to all the people on the route who waved, cheered or gave me encouragement. Thank you!!

Check out the pictures below!

Opposition to SB 281 Rally and Hearing Day in Annapolis

“Its not about policy, its about votes”: Kolbe v. O’Malley affidavit (SB281-Firearms Safety Act)


Patriots in Annapolis opposing SB 281

Patriots in Annapolis opposing SB 281

Recently, the Second Amendment Activist, 2A in MD and Delegate Mike Smigiel released copies of an affidavit filed in the Kolbe v. O’Malley case regarding the recently passed and so called “firearms safety act”.

In the sworn affidavit, by the former head of Maryland State Police licensing department, Captain Jack McCauley tells of being instructed by Governor O’Malley’s lawyers not to answer questions posed to him by the members of the House Judiciary Committee regarding the then proposed, SB 281- The Firearms Safety Act. The questions were asked by Judiciary member Delegate Mike Smigiel,, but before Captain McCauley could answer he was in interrupted by one of the Governor’s Attorney’s, Ms Shanetta Paskel, who instructed the Captain not to answer.

I have sat on the Judiciary Committee for 10 years and have personally witnessed the Maryland State Police refusing to answer questions, which is not surprising given that the Governor is essentially their employer. Thankfully, someone has had the courage to step forward to tell the truth.

Below is the sworn statement from Capt. Jack McCauley, as reported by Delegate Mike Smigiel in his article.

Just a few days ago, Captain McCauley gave sworn testimony that had he been allowed to answer my questions he would have stated that The Maryland Firearms Safety Act would have had no effect on crime in Maryland!

The banned firearms are almost never used in crimes. At most, they are used in 5% of firearms-related crimes in Maryland.

The banned firearms are also not used disproportionately in attacks on law enforcement officers. In fact, the majority of officers who are assaulted with firearms are attacked with handguns

The Act would not have an impact on Mass shootings. The Task Force to Study Those With Mental Illness and their access to Firearms (of which Captain McCauley was the Co-Chair) concluded the most important factor to preventing mass shootings was ensuring proper mental health care to the public, treatment of mental illnesses, and training law enforcement officers.

That the banned magazines are common throughout Maryland and nearly all new semiautomatic handguns are sold with magazines with a capacity greater than ten, including the firearms used by the Maryland State Police and most law enforcement agencies in Maryland.

That persons wanting magazines with greater than a capacity of 10 rounds  will get them by going out of State to make a purchase, rendering the Act’s magazine ban ineffective, except to restrict the rightful choices of firearms and magazines by law-abiding citizens.


Then it gets even worse!

The Captain states that she(Ms Shanetta Paskel) explained that he was ordered not to reply because “it’s not about policy, it’s about votes.” 

In explaining what he believed the Governor’s attorney meant by that, Captain McCauley stated under oath that he interpreted her statement to mean the Gov. was pushing the Act solely to garner political favor, and either believed the Act would have not affect on crime generally or mass shootings, or did not care.

Opposition to SB 281 Rally and Hearing Day in Annapolis

Opposition to SB 281 Rally and Hearing Day in Annapolis


This sure seems to confirm what we already knew, that the vast sweeping gun control legislation passed despite vehement and strenuous opposition was not only based on politics and political “gain” rather than real evidence that it would do anything at all to enhance public safety, but that the Governor used the State Police to perpetrate this campaign of misinformation and lies to the public.

Captain Jack McCauley deserves a huge thanks for his courage and honesty in coming forward to state what is true regardless of the potential of political retribution.

Thanks also to 2A in MD and Delegate Mike for getting this information out there to the people.

waiting in the hall to testify against SB 281. Thousands signed up AGAINST. Testimony went to 3am

waiting in the hall to testify against SB 281. Thousands signed up AGAINST. Testimony went to 3am



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sacles of justice

Minnesota passes legislation to require a criminal conviction before the State can take personal property

sacles of justiceI came across this article on Forbes.com by Institute for Justice. I think this is a great step in the right direction in ending “policing for profit” and brings government back to its intended purpose- protecting and defending individual liberty. People lose property to asset forfeiture having never been convicted of an actual crime. I think this is an egregious abuse of authority. If re-elected I pledge to introduce this bill here in Maryland.

Minnesota Now Requires A Criminal Conviction Before People Can Lose Their Property To Forfeiture

In a big win for property rights and due process, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bill yesterday to curb an abusive—and little known—police practice called civil forfeiture. Unlike criminal forfeiture, under civil forfeiture someone does not have to be convicted of a crime, or even charged with one, to permanently lose his or her cash, car or home.

The newly signed legislation, SF 874, corrects that injustice. Now the government can only take property if it obtains a criminal conviction or its equivalent, like if a property owner pleads guilty to a crime or becomes an informant. The bill also shifts the burden of proof onto the government, where it rightfully belongs. Previously, if owners wanted to get their property back, they had to prove their property was not the instrument or proceeds of the charged drug crime.  In other words, owners had to prove a negative in civil court. Being acquitted of the drug charge in criminal court did not matter to the forfeiture case in civil court.

Read the Full Article


Utah has also taken steps to restore property rights.


Utah Unanimously Restores Protections For Those Facing Civil Forfeiture

Three steps backward, two steps forward.

Last year, the Utah legislature voted unanimously to make it easier for cops to seize innocent people’s property. Lawmakers passed HB 384, which drastically weakened legal safeguards against civil forfeiture. Unlike criminal forfeiture, civil forfeiture allows police to seize and forfeit cash, cars and homes from people, even if they were never convicted of a crime.

The Libertas Institute, a think tank based in Utah, issued a report last December that detailed how HB 384 gutted protections for innocent owners. As Libertas’ president, Connor Boyack, explained, that bill “was presented to lawmakers in the closing days of the legislative session when the frenetic pace decreases attention to detail…lawmakers were duped.”

In turn, that report inspired a bill, SB 256, which restored many of the safeguards that were undermined. Oddly enough, the Utah legislature also unanimously approved this reform bill. Gov. Gary Herbert signed it in late March.

Read the Full Article



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Protect me from my “friends”.

dwyercloseupLast week Senator Simonaire saw fit to sling some mud at me in an attempt to cast a doubt on my voting record. This isn’t the first time, either, laying the claim that I missed hundreds of committee votes (untrue)

Using a surrogate to make the claim, he now says that I am not the fiscal conservative I say I am because I voted yes on a budget. He did not mention that I voted yes on Erhlich’s budget. He failed to mention that Ehrlich’s budget passed unanimously in both  House and Senate, that the Governor laid out a balanced budget plan that did in fact leave the State with a fiscal surplus.

The Senator will claim that he has never voted for a budget, but in fact he has voted YES on several Capital Budgets. Capital Budgets are consolidated loans for projects in the state. This largely comprises of all the PORK spending that legislators like to support in order to “bring home the bacon” to their districts. His Capital Budget votes equal BILLIONS in spending. Furthermore, these are state debts- meaning the taxpayer pays the bill and the interest.

Speaking of PORK, The good senator has himself introduced over $825,000.00 in bond bills over the last term. I have kept my pledge to not support or vote for Bond Bills, as they each start with, “for the Creation of State Debt…”

Even the Sun paper admits I am the most conservative member of the General Assembly, saying:

First elected in 2002, Dwyer earned a reputation as one most conservative  lawmakers in Annapolis, fighting against legalizing same-sex marriage, against  allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition rates and against gun  control.- Pamela Wood

Interestingly, the Sun also quoted one of my challengers regarding my voting record.

Dwyer has voted very conservatively, and I agree with his voting record.

I have worked with Senator Simonaire for the last 2 terms and always believed that we had not only a good working relationship, but mutual respect for one another as well. Evidently, I was mistaken. I wonder why the good Senator has now opened fire? After all I am not running against him, in fact he has no challenger in the Senate race. The fact is, he is running his 20 year old daughter against me. Does anyone doubt that he wants to have a vote in the House of Delegates that he can control? By the way, the Senator voted with the liberal majority 93% of the time just this past session alone.