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Dwyer Signs Arizona Legal Defense

August 31, 2010
Annapolis, Maryland

Anne Arundel County Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr. has signed on today to legal documents in the case of “The United States of America V. State of Arizona”; and Janice K. Brewer in her official capacity.

The Amicus Brief is calling for the reversal of the courts decision against the State of Arizona regarding the passage of State legislation (SB1070) that authorized the State of Arizona to enforce immigration laws within their state borders.

“This case and and the Federal Courts attack on the State of Arizona is a blatant abuse of Federal power and amounts to tyranny. The State of Maryland and many other States across this Nation are plagued with the cost and crimes associated with illegal immigration. Each State has the Constitutional right to defend itself and its borders against illegal intruders.”

Maryland will join the Arizona legislature and will introduce the same legislation in the 2011 legislative session. If necessary, Dwyer will be the lead sponsor.

Delegate Dwyer Endorsed by Maryland Chamber of Commerce

Maryland Chamber of Commerce Endorses Delegate Dwyer.

Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr. received an endorsement from the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. The Maryland Chamber, is recognized

as one of Maryland premiere business associations and is dedicated to the betterment of the business community.

 “Delegate Dwyer, please accept our endorsement in recognition of your history of providing leadership and advocacy on behalf of Maryland employers.

Your work in Annapolis clearly demonstrates that you understand the economic importance of a strong business climate.”

Betty Buck, Chair, Maryland Chamber PAC

Delegate Dwyer is Endorsed by Maryland Right to Life

Maryland Right to Life Endorses Dwyer

August 9, 2010

MDRTL Logo.jpg

Maryland Right to Life endorsed Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr. this past week.

Delegate Dwyer is known to champion defending the life of the unborn and for the past two years has been the lead sponsor of Maryland’s “Personhood Amendment”. This amendment if passed, would grant the protection of life to an unborn child from the moment of conception.

Delegate Dwyer responded to the endorsement saying, “I am honored to be endorsed by Maryland Right to Life. Protecting the life of the unborn is a priority for me. There are many alternatives available today to support the need of the expecting mother.

I look forward to continue working with my fellow pro-life legislators to reverse Maryland’s abortion laws.”

To visit MD Right to Life follow this link: