Campaign updates

JR Carbine Gun Raffle Drawing on June 24th




20140408_131321-1Thanks so  much to everyone who purchased a shirt or raffle tickets in support of my re-election. I’m pleased to announce that we will be doing the drawing at 3:30pm at Scott’s Gunsmithing on June 24th ( Primary Election day)

You can no longer get raffles online, however you can go to Scott’s and purchase tickets from now until the drawing.

Scotts is located at 231 Thelma Avenue, in Glen Burnie


I hope you will come out to see the drawing- I will have the T- Shirts available as well!





Vote Record 1

Found in the Mail

Its definitely campaign season, I’ve been getting tons of campaign mailers, as I know you have. One did catch my eye, as it contains my voting record on a few pretty important issues.

Vote Record 1

Want your own copy of the Constitution? Come see me at one of these events!

The long awaited pocket constitutions are here! If you would like one, please come meet me at one of the following events.
See event details below, or tap here to view my google calendar. If you are logged on to your own google calendar, you can copy events right from my calendar to yours. You can even invite guests!
Community Meet and Greets

I have scheduled a few meet and greets for the opportunity to meet and speak with members of the community. Please come to one of these informal meetings, bring your family and friends- I would love to meet you!

If you would like to host me for a private meet and greet event in your home for your family, friends and neighbors, please send me an email to to get it scheduled.

Mountain Road Community Library

4730 Mountain Road, Pasadena MD

April 16th and May 21st from 7-8pm


Rivera Beach Community Library

1130 Duvall Highway, Pasadena MD

May 1st and May 15th from 7-8pm


Legislative Wrap Up

North County Republican Club

Big Vanilla 26 Magothy Beach Road Pasadena

April 10th Meeting starts at 7

Candidates Forums

Severna Park Republican Women

Columbian Center 335 Governor Richie Hwy Severna Park

April 9th from 6-9pm


North County Republican Club

Big Vanilla 26 Magothy Beach Road Pasadena

May 8th meeting starts at 7pm



The Final Push!

I have had a great time campaigning, getting to see people all over our district and meeting new folks has been a really great experience.I am encouraged by the trust that you have given me, I am humbled each and every time I pass a yard with my sign, or see volunteers wearing a Dwyer t- shirt and as always, I am honored to have been given the chance to serve you as your representative in Annapolis. With your help in these last few days,I am confident that I will return to continue being YOUR conservative voice. 

Volunteers are needed to help sign wave at each of the 40 polling locations during the busy hours. I’d like to cover polls from 7-10am and then again from 4-8pm. Volunteers will greet voters and offer Delegate Dwyer’s literature to those ho want it. This is a very effective way to show support and enthusiasm and is a crucial part of the campaign, as many people make up their minds as they walk into the polls.

 All volunteers are invited to come to Beefalo Bob’s on Ft. Smallwood Road where we will watch the returns.

To sign up to help me with poll support, please email Louisa Baucom.

 Email Louisa Now!

I hope that if you can you will give me just a little bit more of your time and support!

Constitutionally Yours,

Don Dwyer

PS! If you have a DWYER yard sign,I would appreciate it if you would take the sign with you when you vote and plant it at the entrance of your polling location.

Dwyer Not Endorsed by the Gazette

I was not surprised nor should you be that the Gazette did not endorse me yet again.

It is obvious that our local news paper is more liberal than I am.  Fortunately, their editorial attacks only bolster my supporters.

I did not go to Annapolis to make friends, nor did I go to go along get along; I went to make a difference.  I have and will continue to defend the Constitution on which this great State was founded.

The editors somehow believe that it is inappropriate for me to stand and defend what I believe in as an elected official. They also believe it was irresponsible for me to hold Maryland’s Attorney General accountable to his Oath when he violated the Constitution and the separation of powers.  For the record, he was impeached but was not removed by the Democrat majority in the State House.   I hope you agree with my impeachment charge.

They said “Voters will have to decide for themselves whether Dwyer’s strong conservative views are more valuable than his embarrassing antics…” I have never been embarrassed defending the Constitution and your God given right to Life, Liberty and Property.  I have simply stood on my beliefs and will continue to do so if you trust me once again to represent you. 

It is true, I am outspoken. It also true that I refuse to speak in politically correct terms, I tell people what they need to know, not what they want to hear. As you might expect, this makes me controversial at times.

I have and will continue to fight to protect you and your constitutional rights.  Fortunately, I have a well documented record of doing just that. My challengers on the other hand have no record anywhere.

Constitutionally Yours,

Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

To see the Gazette article click here:gazette

Sign Waving

Glen Burnie, Maryland

Today Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr. of Glen Burnie began his over the top sign waving campaign.

It is over the top because he is regularly seen above the car tops as he waves to motorist passing beneath bridges and overpasses

throughout District 31.

In 2002 and most recently 2006, Delegate Dwyer decided to use sign waving after watching the all time champion of sign waving County Executive Leopold for many years. “It was clearly working for Mr. Leopold so I decided to take it to a new level” Dwyer said.

There is no doubt that you will see Delegate Dwyer on the road in the near future if you live in northern Anne Arundel County.

Large Dwyer Signs are Now Up

Thanks to many dedicated supporters who donated time, tools and elbow grease over the the past three days!  The large Dwyer campaign signs are now up! We still have more signs, so if you know of a great sign location and can get us permission to put a large 4X8 sign up, or if you would like a small yard sign for your own yard, please contact Ashley Antkowiak at or Louisa Baucom at