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Gun Legislation, Chesapeake Bay and Bond Bills

Gun Rights – Regretfully, Maryland refuses to recognize the legitimate and inalienable right to Keep and Bear Arms. Last year’s sweeping gun ban passed despite huge opposition from the public has done little to address or curtail violence in Maryland, and has had a huge negative effect on personal liberty and private property.

There is no Constitutional provision that supports Maryland’s position that all firearms must be registered with the State and that you must hold a State issued permit to lawfully carry a firearm. I have always held and voted that every Law-Abiding citizen has the right to own and carry a firearm without a permit. After all, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont, Wyoming and Oklahoma, do not require a permit to carry a firearm in public. Additional information on Constitutional Carry states.

Gun Bills Introduced in MD- keep in mind this list will grow as session continues.

Maryland Shall Issue is the leading local activist group in Maryland dedicated to restoring gun rights to citizens. They are a great resource of information regarding this issue.

Maryland Legislative Watch does a great job summarizing proposed legislation and provides links to email your legislator all in one convenient place.

The Chesapeake Bay and the Rain Tax– For decades now, we have heard about the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. The Legislature over that time has implemented various forms of taxes and fees intent on addressing the issue of water quality. Unfortunately this has been a ruse. In fact the money spent has primarily been used to grow the Maryland Department of the Environment to the point that it now employees 937 State employees. Regretfully the growth of MDE has done little to nothing to improve the quality of the Chesapeake Bay.

HB11- authorizes Bay Restoration funds to be used to disconnect septic systems and to connect those homes to municipal waste water treatment facilities. The untold story is that it is those municipal facilities that dump hundreds of millions of gallons of untreated raw sewage into the bay every year. Now HB11 proposes to add additional load to an already failing municipal facility.

HB12-On the surface this bill would appear to provide funding for the implementation of the latest technology in septic systems within local jurisdictions whereby a percentage of the cost is paid by the government. What this bill and all of the issues pertaining to Bay Restoration fail to recognize (not by accident) is the fact that the primary cause of contamination in our waterways are the failures of waste water treatment plants and infrastructure. See the links below for overflow reports for 2013 alone.

SB01- Rightly recognizes that a homeowner using the latest nitrogen removing technology in a septic system should be exempted from any further expense related to environmental fees. The cost of the latest technology can run upwards of 20 thousand dollars. Because the State is only interested in raising revenue, its unlikely to pass.

Understanding sewage overflow issues

Pumping Station Overflow Report 2013

List of legislation regarding the Chesapeake Bay


A bond bill is a piece of legislation that starts with the words “Creation of State Debt” The fact that bond bills are debt should be enough that no Legislator would sponsor such a bill when we continue to raise taxes and fees claiming all along that we simply don’t have enough revenue to support the needs of the State. These Bills are the “Pork Projects” of your local State Legislators.

For this reason no Legislator should ask for or support any such legislation. I will NOT support any Legislation that increases state debt

See the growing list of pet projects that you the tax payer are footing the bill for.

Continue to check back as I will regularly update with new information and legislation to keep an eye on.




John Shaw Award 2014

rollcallI’m pleased to announce that Maryland Business for Responsive Government has once again awarded me the John Shaw award in recognition for my votes on business related legislation.

This award is given out to legislators who have an excellent record in voting for legislation that would promote businesses as well as the free market system in the State of Maryland. I have a 100% rating for 2013 and an cumulative rating of 90% since my first Legislative session in 2003. I will continue to support legislation which would improve the business environment in Maryland and Anne Arundel County. To see the rating of every legislator check out ROLL CALL.What is Roll Call and past years scorecards.


Press Release from Maryland Business for Responsive Government

Maryland Business for Responsive Government Honors Delegate Donald H. Dwyer, Jr. for 2013 Pro-Business Voting Record


He received prestigious John Shaw Award in Annapolis on February 5

 COLUMBIA, Md., Feb. 6, 2014 – Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG), a statewide nonpartisan organization, honored Delegate Donald H. Dwyer, Jr. for his exemplary track record of supporting pro-business legislation in 2013. He received the prestigious John Shaw Award at a ceremony in Annapolis on February 5.

Throughout the year, MBRG’s 20-member State Advisory Council selects recorded votes from the most recent General Assembly session that have practical or philosophical importance to the widest possible range of Maryland businesses, trade associations, and chambers of commerce.


MBRG identifies the selected bills in a publication, Roll Call, and analyzes the votes to produce a score for each legislator. For the 2013 analysis, Roll Call analyzed ten Senate votes and twelve House votes, including SB 683 (Labor and Employment – Maryland Wage and Hour Law – Payment of Wages) and HB 226 (Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013).


Delegate Dwyer was chosen based on the scorecard standards set by MBRG: he achieved a cumulative score of 90 percent along with a minimum four years of service. 


“It’s truly an honor to recognize those elected officials – both Republican and Democrat – who are consistently working to improve the climate for business owners in Maryland, and therefore, our state economy,” said President MBRG, Duane Carey.


In recognition of his pro-business voting record, Delegate Dwyer received a certificate, a lapel pin, support materials for his campaign, and special recognition in Roll Call.  


The award is named for John Shaw, an exemplary citizen and legislator who served his country more than 200 years ago when Annapolis was the nation’s capital. He is best known for creating a distinctive American flag with an eight-pointed star, which is the inspiration for the lapel pins awarded to the honorees.




About Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG)




MBRG is a statewide, nonpartisan political research and education organization supported by corporations, trade associations, chambers of commerce, and individuals. Its purpose is to inform Maryland’s business community, elected officials, and the general public about the political and economic environment needed to foster economic development and job creation in Maryland. Annual evaluations of the voting records of Maryland’s state and federal legislators enable MBRG and its members to hold politicians accountable for the state’s economic well-being like no other organization.




About Roll Call




Roll Call is compiled by an independent advisory council of roughly 20 organizations (companies, chambers of commerce, and other business and trade organizations) involved in the 90-day session in Annapolis.  The purpose of Roll Call is to educate, inform, and empower Maryland employers, business owners, and others to engage in a dialogue with elected officials on issues critical to a healthy economic development climate in Maryland.  MBRG has been issuing its annual report card since 1987.







Congratulations to the Winners of the Raffle! Thank You to all who participated.

First I want to say thank you to all who supported me by purchasing tickets, or selling tickets or spreading the word. However you helped, it is much appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

The drawing was held today at 1pm in front of a small but enthusiastic group of patriots. Special thanks to Fifers Seafood for letting us use their parking lot and for all their help. Please show them some love the next time you are in the mood for good seafood!

I am happy to congratulate Aaron McDonagh of Crownsville and Peter Clark of Arnold for winning the AK-47 and AR-15!

Again, sincerest appreciation to all!

Constitutionally Yours,


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Sheriffs group picture

Maryland Sheriffs Answer the Call

In January of this year I sent a letter to the Maryland Sheriffs Association urging them to take a stand, as the duly elected law enforcement officers of the people of Maryland to defend and protect the citizens rights to kep and bear arms as protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.   I am so pleased and honored to know that Maryland Sheriffs Association has come out in strong oposition to the Governors gun ban initiatives. A big thank you goes out to Wicomico Sheriff Mike Lewis, and all the Sheriffs who stand with him and with the citizens of Maryland. ( I will identify each of the Sheriffs in a later post)

It was my great pleasure to present the Maryland Sheriffs’ Association with a Citation for standing up to defend the Constitution.

 Read Sheriff Lewis’ Testimony

Read my letter to the Sheriffs’ Association

Check out the Citation


Sheriffs group picture




Special Taxing Session 2012

Isnt it frightening to hear the words “200 million in cuts to education” or hundreds of millions in cuts to services such as police departments and libraries?  It is important to note that these “cuts” are cuts in projected spending, not real belt tightening cuts to existing departmental budgets. The total budget passed by the legislative body being called a doomsday budget is by no means a true doomsday budget, it includes $700 million in growth! That’s right, growth!

According to the Department of Legislative Services, even with the cuts included in the “Doomsday Budget”, total state spending still increases by nearly $700 million over last year. Total state spending in FY 2012 was $34.7 billion, in FY 2013 total spending increased to $35.4 billion. 

 Education spending under this budget grows from $4,948.70 in FY 2012 to $4,950.50 in FY 2013- this is  by no means a cut to education. Furthermore, the reconvening special taxing session of the General Assembly will result in the shift of teacher pensions from the state to the counties which will ultimately result in additional county tax increases.

 Over the course of this Governor’s administration, Annapolis’s solution to the state’s fiscal problems is to dig deeper into the citizens’ pockets. Taxes, tolls, and fees have increased multiple times since Governor O’Malley came to office and spending has increased by over $1 billion every year. This year was no exception. During the regular 90 day legislative session, Governor O’Malley’s budget as proposed, included over $300 million in higher taxes and fees and shifted $238 million of the costs of teacher pensions to the counties, guaranteeing a tax increase at the local level as well. This is money Marylanders can ill afford at this time of economic leanness. Because his tax package was not passed, we will convene again on Monday at a cost of over 20 thousand dollars a day to overburdened taxpayers, in order to “ get it done” as he has been quoted.

 Recent polls show that 96% of Marylanders feel that they pay enough taxes. They are now under the shadow of even more tax hikes and I promise you that I have heard from hundreds of my constituents who have asked for NO SPECIAL TAXING SESSION. For this reason I will not be supporting any tax increases, or any part of the Governor’s special taxing session agenda.