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Press release from BGE: BG&E’s Residential Electric Customers Can Expect Decline in Commodity Portion of Their Bill


Baltimore Gas and Electric Company’s Residential Electric Customers Can Expect a Nearly 25 Percent Decline in the Commodity Portion of their Bill When Compared to 2009  

Total bill down by nearly 17 percent since 2009 


, April 26, 2011 – Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE), today announced that residential customers who purchase their power from the utility, under Standard Offer Service (SOS) rates, can expect to see a year-over-year decrease of approximately 14 percent in the commodity portion of their bill beginning June 1, 2011, based on new supply contracts approved by the Maryland Public Service Commission on Friday, April 22, 2011. The projected decline follows a similar decrease in June 2010 and collectively results in a 24 percent reduction in the commodity cost of electricity, from 12.0 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) in June 2009 to 9.2 cents per kWh, beginning in June 2011. For the typical residential customer, this equates to a savings of $28 per month or $336 per year. These annual rates are a blend of summer and non-summer rates. Combined with delivery costs, BGE’s residential customers will see a decline in their total bill of approximately 17 percent.  

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“Customers are taking full advantage of these programs and recognize the significant savings they offer,” said Mark D. Case, senior vice president of strategy and regulatory affairs for BGE. “More than 440,000 peak energy conservation devices have been installed in customers’ homes and more than 7 million reduced-price compact fluorescent light bulbs have been sold at participating retailers. Additionally, more than 17,000 customers have taken advantage of BGE’s Quick Home Energy Check-ups or Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs and discovered new opportunities for making their homes more energy efficient. These programs also support EmPOWER Maryland’s goal of reducing energy consumption 15 percent by 2015.”

Non-residential customers are also benefiting from lower commodity prices. BGE projects small commercial customers – typically businesses similar in size to a convenience store – will see a decline of approximately 20 percent in June 2011 compared to June 2009.

BGE,, headquartered in Baltimore, is Maryland’s largest gas and electric utility, delivering power to more than 1.2 million electric customers and more than 640,000 natural gas customers in Central Maryland. The company’s approximately 3,000 employees are committed to the safe and reliable delivery of gas and electricity, as well as enhanced energy management, conservation, environmental stewardship and community assistance. BGE is a subsidiary of Constellation Energy,, a FORTUNE 500 company also headquartered in Baltimore, with subsidiaries that generate, sell and provide other energy-related services to customers throughout North America.

“For nearly three years, wholesale energy prices have been trending downward and BGE customers continue to reap the benefits of those significantly lower market prices,” said Kenneth W. DeFontes, Jr., president of BGE. “These lower prices not only benefit BGE customers who purchase their power from the utility, but BGE customers who alternatively choose to purchase power from a third-party supplier may be able to save even more. Third-party suppliers may also offer opportunities to purchase “green” energy supply. Regardless of whether customers participate in electric choice or remain with BGE for their electricity supply, today’s announcement is more evidence that competition is working in Maryland.” 

2011 Legislative Wrap Up

Dear Constituents:

I’d like to take a moment to wrap up the 2011 legislative session.

As you know Maryland like many other states has over spent for decades. As result, we continually run a deficit and accumulate additional debt.

I believe the budget should have been the focus of this legislative session however; the battle over same sex marriage, cross dressing legislation and illegal immigrant tuition discounts, consumed much of this year’s session.  It is my belief that these issues were in fact a smokescreen and a distraction to deflect attention away from the looming budget crisis. Unfortunately, the budget crisis was overshadowed by social issues.

State Budget

Once again, the O’Malley administration and the majority party passed a 34 billion dollar budget this year. This equates to over $1 billion more than last years budget, yet you have undoubtedly heard Governor O’Malley say that he cut the budget. Included in the budget is $1.4 billion in new spending, a 10.6% increase. 

Fees and Taxes

This budget is balanced with tax and fee increases, including:

  • Vehicle Titling Tax doubled  $50 to $100
  • Vanity Plate Fee doubled from $25 to $50
  • Land Recording Fees – doubled  $20 to $40
  • Birth Certificate Fees – doubled from $12 to $24
  • Increase in Hospital Assessments adding 2.5% to rates
  • Increasing Nursing Home Tax from 4% to 5.5%

The budget included a reduction in prescription benefits to retired state employees, now living on a fixed income. Because of the Governor’s failure to address the real problem of gross overspending, and failure to look for real solutions to the budget crisis, I committed once again to voting against the budget.


SB1213 raises tax on alcohol from 6% to 9% by July 1, 2011. When this bill was first introduced it was billed as a dime a drink increase with the funds going to assist the developmentally disabled citizens of MD, with the increase in sales tax gradually over several years. As it became certain that the votes were there, the bill was amended quickly to remove the allocated funding to the disabled, and to apply the increase at once. When we attempted to debate the increase, the Speaker of the House shut down debate and forced a vote on this bill. This tax will have a decidedly negative effect on many small businesses throughout the state. Bar and restaurant owners are unfairly singled out for taxing, and those especially hard hit will be Maryland businesses located on the borders to Pennsylvania and Delaware, where Marylanders will travel to buy alcohol.

In addition, many other new or increased taxes were proposed, including a gas tax and grocery bag tax. I voted against and strongly opposed all of these tax proposals.

Tuition Discounts for illegal immigrants

 SB 167/ HB 470 this bill grants in state tuition rates to illegal immigrants residing and working in MD. Despite the fact that this inclusion will cost taxpayers money, will guarantee Maryland’s place as a premier “ sanctuary state” and will undoubtedly result in a federal lawsuit due to its unconstitutionality; was passed by a vote of 27- 19 in the Senate and 74-65 in the House of Delegates. Click the links to see how your Representative voted!

 I voted against this and will continue to stand against benefits and rights to those residing here illegally at any rate, and especially at the cost to taxpaying citizens.

Same Sex Marriage

As you know I have been the general on the battle field of marriage in the state of Maryland for nearly 8 years now.  As result, I have seen many futile attempts to legalize same sex marriages in our state.

This year that all changed.  This legislative session the skid was greased by special interest and same sex marriage legislation was slated to pass. SB 116 passed easily through the Senate by a vote of 25-21 and then unexpectedly hit the brakes in the House of Delegates as the citizens came to the defense of marriage in MD by calling and visiting legislators to make their voices on this issue heard.

 Much to the surprise of the homosexual activist and the Democrat leaders, after a full week, they were unable to secure the 71 votes needed to legalize same sex marriage in Maryland.  In a procedural move, the bill was sent back to committee where it would rest peacefully.  This maneuver prevented the Democrats from having to be on record on a vote that would most likely effect the outcome of the 2014 elections. See who voted for the bill in Judiciary Committee by following this link: Committee Votes

Pro – Life

It has been a bitter sweet session regarding the life of the unborn.  Though not one of our 11 Pro Life bills made it to the full House or Senate for a vote, I am heartened because there were 11 Pro Life bills introduced by a variety of individual lead sponsors. We have 28 legislators recognized as “Pro Life” who are committed to the issue of defending the life of the unborn.

 I am heartbroken that the pro life members have failed to advance even one piece of pro life legislation to the House or Senate floor.  For this reason I initiated the new formation of the pro life caucus this session. The members of this year’s caucus are willing to fight the fight for the life of the unborn. To view the list of this years abortion bills, follow this link: Pro Life Bills

Its important to note that many of the bills, such as HB 23 and HB 187 simply require abortion clinics to be regulated and licensed. these were also killed in Health and Government Operations Committee, some without even getting a vote. These bills can only help preserve the safety of women in Maryland, and yet the bills do not even see a fair committee vote.

I am committed to starting a war on the issue of abortion as I have on the issue of marriage. It’s high time we stop the innocent murder of the unborn while we as a culture want to preserve the life of convicted murderers.

I have done my best to represent the values and views of those who sent me back to Annapolis to represent them.  I have never wavered from my beliefs and convictions on many issues and I have never allowed political correctness to get in the way of the truth.

To this end, I rest in the belief that you will continue to allow me to represent you in the Maryland General Assembly.

Constitutionally yours,

Don H. Dwyer, Jr.