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Deck Social a Huge Success!

Everyone had a blast at the Deck Social last Thursday.  We’d like to send a huge “Thank You” to Cheshire Crab for the excellent food and service, and to everyone who attended or donated.  

In case you missed it, Delegate Dwyer hosted the best party of the campaign at Cheshire Crab in Pasadena.  Over 300 people wore their island shirts and gathered to party Carribean style.  The buffett-style meal included coconut shrimp, ribs, jerk style chicken, and several sides.  Beer and wine were free, and mixed drinks were made available for purchase.  Everyone who attended was given a coupon for 20% their next visit to Cheshire Crab, and those with boats were given a coupon for $200 off storage fees at Pleasure Cove Marina.  It was a fantastic event all the way around! Pictures coming soon.

Why I Support the Second Amendment

I support the second amendment because I took an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and the Maryland Constitution and all of their amendments.

The Declaration of Independence recognizes the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Without the right to Keep and Bear Arms, we the people would have no defense against a tyrannical  government. Additionally, without the right to bear arms, we would not have the ability to protect ourselves, our lives, or our property as the Founders so clearly intended.

I have always campaigned with the Second Amendment as one of my core issues.  I not only campaign on gun rights issues, but also sponsor the right to carry legislation in Maryland. In 2007 I welcomed the opportunity to meet and collaborate with Dan Reiley (a Democrat) regarding the Right to Carry legislation. Dan urged me to let him sponsor the bill and gather democrat support for the bill.  From 2007 until now, Dan and I worked with Delegate Smigiel to do our best to pass right to carry legislation in Maryland.  Unfortunately, Dan lost the Democrat primary and as result, I will work closely with Delegate Smigiel and Maryland’s gun community to determine our strategy for the upcoming legislative session.

Constitutionally yours,

Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

The Liberal Spin on the TEA Party

Across America today, the general media is portraying conservative TEA Party activists as some radical, racist group of individuals who are out to destroy America.

Conservatives and TEA Party activists must stay focused. The TEA in TEA Party stands for Taxed Enough Already. Do not let the opposition portray this movement as anything else. Do not let the liberal media define you.

The truth is, the majority of elected Liberals (mostly Democrat) and Party Leaders are the real threat to America. Don’t take my word for it, simply look at who opposes stopping Illegal Immigration in Maryland, for one example.  Governor O’Malley, Attorney General Gansler, and the majority of elected Democrats in the legislature all support giving Illegal Aliens rights and benefits at the expense of you, the tax payer!

The Liberal Politicians and liberal media cannot win the when it comes to debating issues with conservatives and TEA Party members, supporters and followers. Therefore, they are using a two-pronged approach that has nothing to do with the issues.

Liberal Politicians and the liberal media are:

  1. Creating a phantom struggle within the Republican Party
  2. Claiming that TEA Party folks are racists and right wing wackos, which is also a scare tactic.  They’re trying to scare away grandma and grandpa from being TEA Party activists.

Being opposed to tax increases, new taxes and larger government does not a right wing wacko make. If the Liberal Politicians and liberal media are successful in falsely defining and, thereby, destroying this grassroots movement (and candidates we favor), they win in November.

Republicans (of all stripes; conservative, libertarian, moderate) must remember who the enemy is. Liberal Politicians (again, mostly Democrat) are successful at circling the troops and staying united. Republicans have a history of circling the troops and firing at one another. Republicans must avoid the circular firing squad at all costs. Stay focused on the opponent. A high body count is not a sign of success if the bodies are those of America’s conservatives.

Constitutionally yours,

Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

Maryland General Assembly

“Hate Rhetoric” with respect to Views on Homosexuality

The following article is an excellent one.  The emphasis is added, and highlights his main points.  I have been accused time and again of having this “hate” toward homosexuals because I disagree with their lifestyle, which simply isn’t so.  Joe Sobran has been accused of the same, and explains why this “use of hate” is an illegitimate one.

The Uses of Hate

by Joe Sobran

fitzgerald griffin foundation

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — A reader who says he usually likes my columns took
strong exception to the one I wrote criticizing the U.S.
Supreme Court for striking down the Texas sodomy law
(“The Court Can Do No Wrong,”
He charged me with “bigotry” and added that I
sounded like “a bitter homophobe.”

Since I hadn’t written about homosexuality as such,
or even about the merits of the Texas law, I wondered how
he got that impression. It’s possible to disapprove of
sodomy *and* the Texas law *and* the Court’s ruling, and
I do. But no matter how clearly you try to write, you
can’t stop people from reading their own notions into
your words.

Needless to say, it’s very common these days to
respond to an argument by addressing not the point the
writer is making, but his supposed feelings about the
Was it always so, or has the world taken a
turn for the worse lately? I can’t say, but few would say
we live in an age distinguished by logical thinking.
If you reject a political claim made in the name of any
category of people, you can expect to be accused of
hating all the people in that category.

This kind of thinking has gotten especially silly in
the area of “gay rights” and “homophobia,” terms too
blurry to mean much. It’s not that I want to plead not
guilty to the charges; I merely want to point out how
unrealistic the charges are on their face.

Lots of people disapprove of sodomy and find it
disgusting. These attitudes are ancient and are implicit
in all our slang and jokes about the subject. But how
many people who hold them really hate homosexuals without
distinction? Very few, really.
The ones who do have often
had unpleasant personal experiences that explain their
hostility; yet I have a friend who, though he was
molested as a boy and completely shares my views on the
matter, harbors no special animosity toward homosexuals
in general.

Despite all the rhetoric of bigotry that assails us
these days, it just isn’t that easy to hate
indiscriminately. In fact such hatred seems unnatural –
or, if you prefer, idiosyncratic.

But some people find a strange moral satisfaction in
positing a ubiquitous “hate,” usually against
“minorities” of one sort or another.
And of course this
“hate” requires the state to take various actions to
protect the alleged victims, to make reparations, to
reeducate the bigoted public, and finally to “eradicate”
the proscribed attitudes. This stipulated “hate” seems to
fill a vacuum in the moral universe, much as the rarefied
ether was once believed to fill the emptiness of outer

So “hate” endows the state with a vast mandate for
correction. Citizens must be treated as potential, even
presumptive, bigots.
“Discrimination” must be anticipated
and forbidden. Ambitious laws and programs must be passed
and implemented. Old freedoms — of association,
property, commercial exchange — become suspect and must
be abridged.

And the scope of the state must be expanded to
include even the inspection of our motives. It isn’t
enough to ban overt “discrimination,” since we may be
“discriminating” furtively; and because we may be lying
about our real motives, the state must also enforce
outward compliance with “civil rights” laws (by
imposing racial quotas and the like).
Meanwhile, more

and more things are said to be “discriminatory,”
including marriage.

All this must be most encouraging to the sort of
people who think of the state as an instrument for the
complete overhauling of society and human relations. What
better starting point for such a project than a

presumption of guilt against — well, everyone?

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Thank you!

I am honored by the support I received in the primary election. Maryland needs strong, convicted statesmen to lead her through these tough times, and I gladly accept the challenge before me. I promise to continue to uphold the State and US Constitutions, I promise to continue to defend your rights as citizens, and I promise to do these to the best of my ability. Thank you.

Dwyer Endorsements

Glen Burnie Maryland – Today, Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr. of Anne Arundel County released an impressive list of organizations that have endorsed him. The endorsements cover business, gun rights and social issues.

“It is a true honor to have the endorsement and support of so many highly distinguished organizations. This is a record year of endorsements for my campaign” Dwyer said.

To see the list of endorsements, please visit our Endorsements Page by clicking here.

Dwyer Not Endorsed by the Gazette

I was not surprised nor should you be that the Gazette did not endorse me yet again.

It is obvious that our local news paper is more liberal than I am.  Fortunately, their editorial attacks only bolster my supporters.

I did not go to Annapolis to make friends, nor did I go to go along get along; I went to make a difference.  I have and will continue to defend the Constitution on which this great State was founded.

The editors somehow believe that it is inappropriate for me to stand and defend what I believe in as an elected official. They also believe it was irresponsible for me to hold Maryland’s Attorney General accountable to his Oath when he violated the Constitution and the separation of powers.  For the record, he was impeached but was not removed by the Democrat majority in the State House.   I hope you agree with my impeachment charge.

They said “Voters will have to decide for themselves whether Dwyer’s strong conservative views are more valuable than his embarrassing antics…” I have never been embarrassed defending the Constitution and your God given right to Life, Liberty and Property.  I have simply stood on my beliefs and will continue to do so if you trust me once again to represent you. 

It is true, I am outspoken. It also true that I refuse to speak in politically correct terms, I tell people what they need to know, not what they want to hear. As you might expect, this makes me controversial at times.

I have and will continue to fight to protect you and your constitutional rights.  Fortunately, I have a well documented record of doing just that. My challengers on the other hand have no record anywhere.

Constitutionally Yours,

Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

To see the Gazette article click here:gazette