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What Happened to HB 1156?

HB1156 Victims Rights Bill
 I  suspected all along that the Democrat majority would kill my bill. I was quite suprised when it passed both the House and Senate
without one no vote.  At that point it seemed like it would certainly be signed into law.  Well as we know, the Governor is a powerful man.
You see, my bill DID NOT have a crossfile. I did that on purpose to prevent this type of game from happening.  As we approached the final two days of session, my Chairman told me that the Senate was holding my bill because he was not going to pass Senator Simonaires bill,  The Chairman agreed to let the Senators bill pass but only if we gutted it and inserted the language of my bill.  That happened and both bills passed out. IT WAS NOT A CROSSFILED BILL.
This link SB189 takes you to the language of the Senator’s bill. All of the strikethroughs are his original bill. Read it and you will see the differences.  MY BILL WAS NOT AMENDED!  It passed as drafted because I had worked on it for two years.

You tell me what you think happened. Oh well, I will keep fighting and the Democrat Leaders will keep teaching me lessons


Name Recognition or Identity Crisis?

Most candidates crave widespread name recognition when running for elected office. In fact, they spend thousands of dollars to insure that they obtain a certain level of name recognition. They buy television spots, signs, banners and regularly mail annoying political propaganda to targeted audiences.

It is true; name recognition does make the difference between winning and loosing in most political campaigns. It is also true that in most cases it costs lots of money to obtain a winning amount of name recognition in a specific market. On the other hand, there is what is known as earned media. That is where the things you do or say are news worthy and as result cost you nothing but time.

Because of my politically incorrect approach to most issues, I have earned lots of media attention and have widespread name recognition. My name is known at some level across the state of Maryland.

Now comes the problem. Yes I have name recognition but, most voters only know me by what they have read or heard reported about me. Unfortunately the liberal media does not tend to report on conservatives in a positive manner. They often distort my view on issues and have portrayed me as a hateful, bigoted racist yet when I meet people in person they are always surprised to see that I am exactly opposite of the medias portrayal.

I often joke that “I don’t have a name recognition problem, I have an identity crisis” it’s true! If you have read the stories or the editorials of the Maryland Gazette, you know what I am referring to. Fortunately for me, the voters in my district are for the most part conservative themselves and as result, they like what they read regarding my actions and views on many issues.

Most politicians spend lots of time and money trying to find out what you want to hear.
I have a reputation as a no nonsense conservative politician. Don’t ask me any question that you really don’t want to know where I stand on the issue. I have and will always tell you what you need to know. I refuse to tell you what you want to hear.

Constitutionally yours,
Delegate Don Dwyer, Jr.

My Views

There are some who call me a far right radical, most however, realize that my views are American. Yes, I am a conservative and I am proud of it.  To read click Views or the page ” My Views on Issues” in the header above.